Gray Panthers of San Francisco
January 2006 Newsletter

CARA Passes Our Anti-War Resolution


SF Gray Panthers resolution for immediate withdrawal from Iraq was strongly endorsed at the California Alliance for Retired Americans Annual Convention in November. The resolution also calls for CARA to consider joining anti-war activities following defined criteria and recognizes solidarity with Iraqi workers. An amendment to change immediate withdrawal to “as soon as possible” was rejected after considerable debate as being identical to the government’s position.

The resolution had been circulated to some CARA board members beforehand, but many other delegates spoke to support it and came later to congratulate SF Gray Panthers for proposing it. One Southern Calif. delegate even said he came to the convention having heard about the resolution. Passage of this resolution shows that Gray Panthers can work in larger organizations to push the envelope to bigger issues. Last year’s CARA Convention passed a SF GP resolution opposing the Patriot Act.

Read the text of our anti-war resolution

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