Gray Panthers of San Francisco
January 2006 Newsletter

Holiday Party and 2006 Board of Directors


At our holiday party in December, besides having fun, we had one major piece of business—we added five people to our 2006 Board of Directors. Elected to their first term of two years were Patricia, Sonya, Frances, Natalie and Bea. Elected for their second two-year term were Barbara, Bob and Marshall. They join ongoing members Michael, Susan, Mitzi, Ila, Cathy, Rhoda, Mary Frances and Deetje. Not eligible for re-election because they had served two consecutive two-year terms were Caty, Gretchen and Aroza. Thank you all for your service.

The first Board meeting of the new year will be on January 4th at 12:30 at the office. At this time officers for 2006 will be selected. All Gray Panther members and friends are welcome at Board meetings, but only Board members can vote.

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