Rally/Demonstrate at the Pharmacists Convention

Monday, March 20, 11:45 AM
Assemble at 4th St and Howard at the Merry-Go-Round.


APhA: It’s Time to Take a Stand:
Scrap and Replace Medicare Part D,
and the whole Medicare Modernization Act!



Thousand of pharmacists will soon be in San Francisco for the American Pharmacists Association convention. Many, many pharmacists have been heroes, giving patients their medicines in the face of uncertain repayment, and spending hours on phones to drug plans and the government. Now is the time for their organization, the American Pharmacists Association, to say: SCRAP AND REPLACE PART D AND THE WHOLE MEDICARE MODERNIZATION ACT!

·        “Medicare Modernization” endangers our lives by disrupting our access to needed drugs, makes us buy our drugs from private companies, and makes the poor pay more than before.

·        “Medicare Modernization” threatens to privatize doctors visits, making the sick and poor pay more than the healthy and rich.

·        “Medicare Modernization” threatens to bankrupt Medicare.

·        “Medicare Modernization” gives billions to drug makers and the HMOs.

·        “Medicare Modernization” was forced down our throats by PHARMA arm-twisting, and threats, and crooked deals in Congress.

Sponsors include Gray Panthers, Senior Action Network, California Alliance for Retired Americans, Students for Social Security, and other.  Call 415-215-7575