Gray Panthers of San Francisco
March, 2006 Newsletter

A Living Wage


San Francisco has a living wage law that applies to companies and non-profits that contract with the City. Supervisors Ammiano and McGoldrick have proposed amendments to that law as follows:

Parity for home care and non-profit workers with workers at for-profit companies that contract with the City. Under current law, home care and non-profit workers are only required to be paid $9 per hour instead of the $10.77 per hour required of for-profit businesses.

Inclusion of CalWORKs mothers and other workfare workers in the Living Wage law. CalWORKs grants are diverted to private employers that pay them out as wages at the San Francisco minimum wage of $8.72 per hour. We want the employers to bring parents in the welfare-to-work transition to $10.77 per hour.

Annual cost-of-living increases based on the Bay Area Consumer Price Index. Previous cost-of-living increases in the Living Wage law stopped after three years. We need to continue annual cost-of-living increases to keep up with inflation. With this year’s cost-of-living increase of 2.31%, the rate in the living wage law will be brought up to $11.02 per hour for workers at non-profit agencies and workers at for-profit businesses with City service contracts CalWORKs participants, GA/PAES workfare participants and workers at San Francisco Airport.

These amendments will significantly raise wages for more than 15,000 workers. Let your supervisor know that you support these amendments. SF Supervisors website

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