Gray Panthers of San Francisco
March, 2006 Newsletter

Stop Attacks on Migrant Workers


On October 1994, Operation Gatekeeper began—the construction of a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, reusing steel from the landing platforms of Operation Desert Storm. Migrant workers coming to North America now must cross through harsher mountains and deserts. 4000 have died as a result.

On Saturday, February 4, members of Border Angels, migrants, SF Day Laborers and supporters, held a rally at 24th and Mission. Enrique Morones, founder of Border Angels and national organizer for the “Migrant March for Mankind,” talked about a caravan of migrants and supporters crossing the country, which started from southern California on February 2. The caravan will travel to Washington, D.C. calling on senators and legislators to vote NO on HR 4437.

Along the way, 4000 crosses will be planted to honor the migrants. One-third of those murdered in border crossings are buried in unidentified graves.

Marchers are also demanding justice for Guillermo Martino Rodriguez, assassinated by the Border Patrol in San Diego on December 30. Guillermo, like others, crossed the border hoping to find work. He never made it back home to his wife and two young children. Shot in the back as he ran to escape the Border Patrol, he died on New Year’s Eve, 2005.

“Gente Unida! It’s time with our march on Washington and across the country to let the world know, we demand to be treated with respect and dignity, we ask for nothing more and will settle for nothing less.”

Hate crimes are at an all time high today, fueled by right-wing media talk show reporters like CNN’s Lou Dobbs. Studies show that 84% of reporting about Latinos is negative. HR 4437 is yet another racist attack on migrants. We need to stop it!


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