Report on SF-Gray Panthers Activities:March - June, 2006



        Poetry Evening/Pot Luck, members brought own work, small but enthusiastic. Considering more attention to cultural events/activities.

        Monthly newsletter attracting attention of other groups for its content.

        Monthly newsletter is now on-line.

        Presently reviving phone-tree, which had been successful for turnout to meetings and events.

        Recruitment brochure being redesigned.

        Recruitment still slow, we need to pay more individual attention to people who express interest.


Civil Liberties:

        Continuing promotion of Human Rights Amendment of California Constitution, SF Board of Supervisors to consider.

        GP membership meeting with West Coast Amnesty International Field Rep, who is very interested in CL Committee and Human Rights Amendment.



        SF-GP position statement has attracted some attention as thorough and far-reaching.

        Active and very visible presence in all Immigrant Right marches in San Francisco.

        Regular participant in planning meetings in Immigrant Rights actions.

        GP membership meeting later this month on immigration.

        Recognized SF supporter of AB 2536, overtime pay for personal attendants, often immigrants, and being promoted by immigrant groups and their supporters.


Environmental Racism, Police Brutality, and other Racism Issues:

        Regular participant in coalition actions to shut down 70 yr old PG&E plant polluting neighborhood, which were finally successful.

        Regular participant in coalition actions to oppose Redevelopment and Gentrification of largely-black Bayview-Hunters Point area of City.

        Frequent participant in press conferences etc on gang violence and police brutality.

        Worked with SF Living Wage Coalition to extend City minimum wage to workers on welfare.

        Continuing Newsletters on Katrina and New Orleans.

        Appearance on local radio station on environmental racism, police brutality, gentrification.


Health Care/Medicare:

        March 20 Demonstration at American Pharmacists Association convention, small turnout (heavy rain), heavy leafletting to pharmacists on preceeding days made significant stir.

        May 15 D-Day for Mediscare Part D demo at Federal Bldg with CARA, SAN, and Seniors Organizing Seniors. Turnout good, media coverage great.

        Forming close relationship with Seniors Organizing Seniors, together we are planning meetings on the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA) in Bayview Hunters Point area.

        Working within CARA and other groups to enlarge Medicare issue beyond Part D to issues of privatization and caps on federal funding for Medicare healthcare delivery.

        Continuing e-mail publication of news articles on MMA.

        Members working in Health Care for All-SF for single payer.



        War-Peace Committee has less public activity beyond March 18 big anti-war march.

        SF-GP presence at Bay Area Students/Educators Against the War, made some contacts.

        Committee members reading interesting material on international finance, competition for control of oil, decreasing supply of oil, and how these factors push industrialized nations toward war.