Gray Panthers of San Francisco
June, 2006 Newsletter

Redevelopment in Bay View Hunters Point


The Board of Supervisors is poised for final approval of a massive redevelopment project for the entire Bayview-Hunters Point area, a project that will almost certainly speed up the removal of black and other poor residents from the area. This issue has split the BV-HP communities. Some hope the plan will bring commerce and jobs into the area, while others are sure it will bring only gentrification and no real jobs for BVHP residents.

Amendments have been added which purport to assure community control, but the Project Advisory Community (PAC) opinions are only advisory and redevelopment authorities are given tremendous powers by the state, including control of all property taxes generated by the Project Area. They promise 25% affordable housing, but “affordable” is keyed to twice the average income of area residents. The Redevelopment Agency that devastated the Fillmore has not changed its spots.


Read Beyond Chron's piece on the racist history of redevelopment nationwide.

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