Gray Panthers of San Francisco
June, 2006 Newsletter

Say NO! on D-Day for MediScare Part D


Chanting, “People’s need not pharma’s greed,” members of the Gray Panthers, Senior Action Network, California Alliance for Retired Americans, and Seniors Organizing Seniors rallied in front of the Federal Building on May 15, the deadline for Medicare Part D sign-ups. They gathered to present a petition signed by 20,000 people to Rep. Nancy Pelosi calling for the repeal and reworking of the Medicare Modernization Act (Medicare Reform Act of 2003), which moves toward privatizing Medicare and throws seniors and the disabled into the clutches of HMOs and giant pharmaceutical corporations.

Speaker after speaker condemned the government’s plan for senior drug coverage. People from the crowd spoke up about the devastating effect on their personal lives.

“We won’t give up,” declared Bobby Bogan of Seniors Organizing Seniors. “This is just the beginning. We’re not going to take this!”

See the flier for our May 15 MediScare action.

Read a San Francisco Chronicle article about the demonstration.

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