Gray Panthers of San Francisco
June, 2006 Newsletter

Gray Panthers Help Celebrate Power Plant Victory


The long fight to close the 70-year-old Hunters Point power plant, which spewed pollution for decades, is over at last. PG&E confirmed the plant has stopped generating and residents say the stacks are now quiet.

Gray Panthers joined Bay View-Hunters Point adults and kids, GreenAction, and other activists and groups in celebration at Huntsview Housing that overlooks the plant. We rededicated ourselves to future fights:

  • closing the Potrero Hill Mirant power plant;
  • stopping redevelopment, gentrification, neglect of public housing and police brutality in Bayview-Hunters Point;
  • getting public power in San Francisco.

After speeches, cheers, and a great barbeque outside, a cold wind came up and we went inside, sat around, and just talked. Although we have consistently gone to rallies and stood in the rain on these various issues, this was a great chance to get better acquainted. More news to come.


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