Gray Panthers of San Francisco
June, 2006 Newsletter

June General Meeting
Renee Saucedo
Immigration: Amnesty, Equality, Solidarity
Tuesday, June 20, 1 PM
Unitarian-Universalist Center,
1187 Franklin, at Geary, Map


We are very pleased to welcome Renee Saucedo, an activist lawyer and long-time community organizer, as the main speaker at our June meeting on immigration reform. Saucedo is Director of the San Francisco Day Laborer Program and has been an eloquent voice in the immigrant rights movement and in reform for all workers.

As founder of INS WATCH, she was active in the successful campaign to declare San Francisco an INS-Raid Free Zone. Her 2004 campaign as the Green Party candidate for Supervisor in District 9 focused on neighborhood health and safety, jobs, housing, and youth. Recently, she has been an active organizer and participant in the protest against HR 4437 which has put millions in the streets.

Her talk will include discussion of what amnesty means, the effects of NAFTA, CAFTA, and GATT on immigration, and the call for no borders.

Renee's talk has increased importance in the light of the "Comprehensive Immigration Reform" bill (S. 2611) recently passed by the Senate, which will be compromised with the openly racist and xenophobic House bill, HR 4437. Click here for a summary of S. 2611 and commentary by David Bacon.

Click here to read Gray Panthers Proposed Statement on Immigration.

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