Gray Panthers of San Francisco
July-August, 2006 Newsletter

Highlights of California-wide Gray Panthers Meeting


Four Gray Panthers networks were present at the June meeting in Sacramento—Central Contra Costa, Berkeley, San Francisco, and Sacramento, with Long Beach in communication. Aroza, Michael, Mitzi, and Sonia represented SF.

The National Office reported an influx of estate gifts, allowing a part-time assistant and top-quality web site by summer’s end. West Coast nominations for National Board are due in September for elections in November. SF’s Students for Social Security leader Brooke Hollister is a possible nominee. All Networks should consider her candidacy and advise National of their feelings. All GP members can vote in November.

Joan Lee’s legislative work included the Olmstead Commission, which tries to get people out of nursing homes and back home; she is the only senior member. She is also working on the budget negotiations, support for IHSS workers, and a senior grassroots advocacy event, supported by a $10,000 SEIU grant.

The Wellness Grant for Medicare Advocacy

The California Wellness Foundation gave the Gray Panthers $32,000 for each of two years to educate and advocate on issues of Medicare Part D. Margie Metzler has developed a wide-ranging hour-long program that she has presented in Modesto, Grass Valley, Santa Barbara and other locations. It discusses premiums, co-payments, deductibles, and the donut hole, as well as an overview of the Medicare Modernization Act. The program can be augmented by local discussion. She is available to present it upon request, and there is $6,000 left in this year’s budget for local networks to present their own events.

The SF-GP Health Committee plans to take advantage of this valuable resource. We would include the power-point presentation, the need to repeal all of the MMA and its threat to medicare by creeping privatization, the Conyers Congressional bill for health care for everybody (HR 676) which has 69 co-sponsors, and State Senate Bill SB 840 for universal health care. Educate and advocate. We need your help.


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