Gray Panthers of San Francisco
September 2006 Newsletter

Civil Liberties Committee Report:
Human Rights and the California Constitution


Did you know that the Constitution of California does not include mention of HUMAN RIGHTS? When the next earthquake occurs, will we be more sensitive to human needs than the officials were in New Orleans? The CA Constitution does guarantee us certain rights, but nowhere mentions our right to clean water, clean air, medical care, etc.

Are we behind the rest of the world? If human rights had been our priority, wouldn’t we have signed the Kyoto Protocol, would we have invaded Iraq, would we have offered Lebanon just token support? Members of the EU must join the International Court, which protects human rights. Anyone accused of committing war crimes can be prosecuted, tourist and diplomat alike. If California amends its Constitution, would Bush and company think twice before setting their feet in San Francisco?

Imagine the golden State of California again first in education, first in universal health care, first to clean up our environment. Imagine a world where human rights and human needs come first, where each human being when born is considered equally endowed with the rights to clean air and water, education, medical care, food and housing.

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