Gray Panthers of San Francisco
October 2006 Newsletter

Civil Liberties Committee Report


Civil Liberties Committee

Lynne Stewart will be sentenced by Judge Koeltl on October 16. She has recovered from breast cancer and remains optimistic about her case—probably because she is innocent of the charge of aiding terrorism in her defense of Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman. The government has actually documented their determination to give Lynne a 30-year jail sentence in order to deter other attorneys from defending “terrorists.” GPs will participate in a possible November fundraiser, featuring Michael Ratner, to help with the appeals process.

Mona Cadena, Gray Panthers Human/Civil Liberties Committee member, and Field Director, Amnesty International, is a nominee for the Gray Panthers National Board. Her work with the committee proves her to be a strong and efficient advocate of the Gray Panthers agenda.

Supervisor Tom Ammiano has volunteered to guide a Human Rights Amendment resolution through the Board of Supervisors and the California Legislature. We hope that other California Gray Panthers networks will propose similar resolutions with their City Supervisors. This grassroots approach is a first for us; any idea you have would be welcomed. Call the office for meeting dates in October.

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