Gray Panthers of San Francisco
October 2006 Newsletter

If Medicare Worked Like Part D…


If Medicare Worked Like Part D…

...You would have to choose a private health plan with the help of a psychic advisor.

Thus spake the Medicare Rights Center flyer passed out at our September general meeting. Margie Metzler of the state Gray Panthers Medicare Part D Project and our own Health Committee each gave a power-point presentation outlining the outrageous provisions of Medicare Part D, such as the fact that Part D drugs cost almost 50% more than the same drugs distributed by the Veterans Administration—because the Medicare Modernization Act prohibits bargaining for drugs. Moreover, the infamous “donut hole” means that people who need many medications will pay approximately $3000 each year in addition to premiums.

Speakers emphasized that the culprit is the entire Medicare Modernization Act (of which Medicare D is only a part). It takes us down the road to privatization, paving the way for health savings accounts that benefit the rich, an annual government check that may or may not buy the health care you need, and the meltdown of Medicare just as the baby boomers begin turning 65.

Our Health Committee’s power-point presentation is superb and should be shown to as many groups as possible. The committee needs your help in getting word out and setting up meetings.

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