Gray Panthers of San Francisco
October 2006 Newsletter

"To Miss New Orleans ... "


Gray Panther Movie Night
Saturday, October 28, 7:00 PM
Call the Office, 415-552-8800, for the location

We will see the first two parts of Spike Lee’s HBO documentary When the Levees Broke, the story of New Orleans through the eyes of the people who were there.

“To Miss New Orleans”

In Spike Lee’s documentary, “When the Levees Broke, the opening notes of Louis Armstrong’s “Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans” take us back to the tragedy of those days in August, 2005. We are taken through the horrible, criminal acts of our government with the words of those who were there, and with the images of those who died while waiting for help.

Not since the genocide of Native Americans, not since the slave ships arrived with their captured men women and children has the soul of a nation been so scarred as it has been from Katrina. Over a year later, we still have not mended, for it was not a force of nature that devastated the Gulf, that brought death and a Diaspora of the people. The levees broke from years of uncaring. This film reveals the truths of those days, will help us heal, and maintain our commitment for the right of return for the people of New Orleans.

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