Gray Panthers of San Francisco
November 2006 Newsletter

Lynne Stewart Sentence a Victory


Lynne Stewart, convicted on charges of aiding terrorism, was sentenced on October 16 to a prison term of 28 months. The Justice Department, in a clear attempt to silence and intimidate all civil rights and civil liberties attorneys, had demanded a sentence of 30 years for the defendant, 67 and in poor health. This is all part of current attacks on democratic rights including habeas corpus. In a partial rebuke to the prosecution. Judge John G. Koeltl pointed out that there was “no evidence that any victim was in fact harmed” by Stewart’s actions. He went on the laud her 30 years as a lawyer to “the poor, the disadvantaged and the unpopular ... Ms. Stewart performed a public service not only to her clients but to the nation.” Stewart called her sentence “a great victory against an over-reaching government.” She remains free pending appeal.

We continue to support Lynn with fundraisers and letters as she fights for total victory!

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