Gray Panthers of San Francisco
November 2006 Newsletter

Bond Issues on the Ballot


Some Comments on the Ballot

Our October meeting discussed the ballot in some depth. We repeat our previous discussion of bond issues. Bonds are the most expensive way to finance state (and local) projects. Bonds are sold to those who can afford to buy them with set tax-exempt interest rates—in effect buyers loan money to the state and get well paid for that loan. The cost for those loans usually come close to doubling the original project costs. Given that, bonds are frequently the only way to get projects passed.

We urge you to read at least part of your voting booklets. In particular, look at the analyses of the measures and at who supports and opposes them.

Remember that many proposals are compromises—not as strong as we might like but perhaps better than nothing. Be aware that the purported publicized reasons often hide other, less benevolent parts of the proposals—i.e. Prop 90

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