Gray Panthers of San Francisco
November 2006 Newsletter

SF Gray Panthers Civil Liberties Committee


Civil Liberties Committee

The regional gathering of Gray Panthers in Berkeley on October 7th provided the opportunity for the Civil Liberties/Human Rights Committee to distribute packets to those attending, which included information on the UN Declaration of Human Rights and a copy of our Resolution that will soon be presented to the SF Board of Supervisors.
The Committee is encouraged by the positive response and interest in our work.

For background reading, the book A World Made New—Eleanor Roosevelt and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by Mary Ann Glendon is recommended. It is a scholarly and lively account of Eleanor Roosevelt’s role in bringing the Declaration to fruition.


A national day of protest against police brutality and repression brought out San Francisco community groups and organizations to march Sunday, October 22. Gray Panthers joined in the march and rally to end criminalization of a generation!

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