Gray Panthers of San Francisco
November 2006 Newsletter

More Elections


More Elections

No matter how the November elections turn out, SF Gray Panthers members get another chance to vote in December—and it is an election where everybody wins.

Our network elects members of its Board of Directors every December. Board members are elected for a two year term and may serve only two consecutive terms. The Board meets monthly to determine policy and plan activities. Nominations are now open and can be made by letter or in person to the office. Elections will be held at the December party and nominations are open until then.

Current Board members are: Michael, Susan and Mitzi, finishing the second year of their second term and therefore not eligible for Board membership in 2007. We thank them for their service. Finishing their first two year term are Ila, Cathy, Rhoda, Mary Frances and Deetje. Ongoing members are Barbara, Bob and Marshall in the second year of their second term, and Patricia, Sonia, Bea and Natalie in the second year of their first term.

Nominated so far are Gretchen, Ila, Caty, Rhoda, Mary Frances, and Deetje.

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