Gray Panthers of San Francisco
November 2006 Newsletter

How Will You Vote on November 7th


The Board of Directors suggests:

Prop 84: State parks, flood control, anti-pollution, safe drinking water, natural resources. A $5.4 billion bond program. Put on the ballot by initiative by a consortium of conservation groups. Vote YES

Prop 85: A repeat of previously defeated Prop 73 weakening pro-choice. Vote NO

Prop 89: Clean money campaign for state offices. Won’t solve all the problems but a step in the right direction. Reduces Pay to Play. Vote YES

Prop 90: The Sierra Club calls it The Taxpayer Trap. In the name of limiting eminent domain, puts the right of property owners to possible present and future profits above all other purposes. An owner can sue for monetary damages for any possible effect on his projected profits from any actions like zoning, rent control, water use, living wage. Financed by national real estate interests. Vote NO

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