Gray Panthers of San Francisco
January 2007 Newsletter

For the New Year,
Each One Teach One, Reach Many


How do we use the momentum generated by the elections? How do we take advantage of the progressive surge and keep it going? How do we turn our country around and produce a new, New Deal—revive the Great Society?

Collectively, we Gray Panthers have hundreds of years worth of life experiences and political activism. Recent election results indicate renewed determination to reclaim control of our government. We now have the opportunity to offer our analysis of the current political, social and economic situation. We can offer people insights through the lens of our experience and elder wisdom. The absence, or abdication, of investigative reporting by the mass media has created confusion. The lack of critical analysis has opened an opportunistic vacuum, allowing neo-conservatives to mount an attack on every aspect of our commons, from Medicare and Social Security to protection of the very air we breathe and water we drink. There may never have been a more crucial time for clarity and educating people, particularly the youth, about the perils true democracy faces. We need not only to educate ourselves, but also our Congress.

Our January meeting will be a brainstorming session to discuss our SF Gray Panthers program for 2007, and how we can best put forth our perspectives. Which issues should we emphasize? Out of Iraq, SF Health, SB 840, Medicare Modernization Act health campaigns, reclaiming and expanding our civil liberties, global warming and environmental destruction, clean money and fair elections, race and class segregation, housing and gentrification, jobs and taxes and income, immigration, nuclear disarmament? What are your compelling interests? How should we study them and share what we learn? What action campaigns should we undertake? What kind of meetings should we have? And when? Monthly, quarterly, daytime, evening, lunch, dinner, potluck? We are a democratic organization. Our members determine our policies, but only if they participate. Please join us on January 16 with your innovative ideas.

The role of the Gray Panthers has been to strive consistently for the ultimate egalitarian society providing all things that sustain life for each of us.

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