Gray Panthers of San Francisco
December 2006 Newsletter

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Holiday Revels and a New Board

A small but merry crowd ate, drank and enjoyed each other’s company at our December party. Special thanks to Marshall Benzmann, Ila Benzmann, Susan Lyon and Michael Lyon for all their preparatory work and to Patricia Jackson for her pictures of our activities over the last two years. We will show them again at our January meeting—come see yourself on screen.

Elected to the Board for 2007 were Gretchen Davis, Harriet Ziskin and Caty Powell for a first two-year term and Ila Benzmann and Mary Frances Smith for a second two-year term. They will join ongoing Board members Barbara, Lee, Bob Yregi, Marshall Benzmann, Patricia Jackson, Sonia Siegel, Bea Goodman, Natalie Jomes, and Rhoda Normal. Our thanks to Michael Lyon, Deetje Bowler, Susan Lyon and Mitzi Raas for their four years of service.

The next Board meeting will be January 3, 2007

California-wide Gray Panthers Meeting

The quarterly meeting of California Gray Panthers networks will be hosted by the Central Contra Costa network on Saturday, January 20 in Pleasant Hill. A carload of San Francisco Gray Panthers will be attending. One of the topics proposed for discussion is whether we should work to repeal term limits. Another will be the Medicare Modernization Act, what the various networks are doing about it, and the renewed drive for universal, single-payer health care in California. If you wish to be part of our delegation, let the office know, 552-8800.

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