Gray Panthers of San Francisco
February 2007 Newsletter

January 2007 Meeting: Back to the Future
(Gray Panthers’ brainstorming session)


It is traditional that Gray Panthers members decide the focus of activities for the coming year at the January general meeting. This year three new members and representatives from two fraternal groups joined us in a lively discussion. We introduced ourselves by saying why we became Gray Panthers. Some of the reasons: GPs demonstrate on important issues; it is important to have a home base of like-minded people so you don’t feel isolated; joined to become more active; to get involved in housing and health; get help defending Lynne Stewart; work together with other groups (OWL member); be with people you enjoy.

Discussion of which issues concerned us most revealed a keen interest in Universal Single Payer health care. Human Rights and Peace tied for second place. Several were interested in the formation of an Environmental Committee in the near future.

Besides issues, suggestions for organizational changes to increase membership participation were discussed. Some ideas were: Send reminder postcards; alternate the General Meeting with evening and Saturday meetings; buddy-up to come to meetings; revitalize the phone tree; replace the meeting with other events; send meeting notices to other friendly groups. We agreed to continue the discussion on how to improve the general meetings.

For something new, next month we will be participating in OWL’s meeting on Health Care planned for Saturday February 24. See page one.

The Gray Panthers encourages all members to make suggestions as to the issues we should focus on in the coming year. Please write or call the office or attend a board meeting. We look forward to seeing and hearing from you in the near future.

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