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March 2007 Newsletter

Solidarity with Haiti


The following article was posted on on February 7, 2007, the 21st anniversary of the fall of the Duvaliers and the 16th anniversary of the first inauguration of Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

February 7 was an International Day in Solidarity with the People of Haiti. The day was part of a campaign against the US/UN occupation by the popular movement in Haiti, leading up to February 15, when the UN Security Council is due to renew its Haitian mandate. The 8000 UN troops are seen as a proxy force for the US, French and Canadian soldiers who overthrew Haiti’s government in a 2004 coup. UN troops and police-controlled death squads routinely assault communities that support the Lavalas grassroots democracy movement. Organizers say, “We need to act now in solidarity with our Haitian sisters and brothers, whose unbreakable spirit, in the face of severe repression, just won’t stop.

Today, violent repression continues against grassroots activists and communities—by UN forces and paramilitary death squads created by the Haitian National Police. In addition to killings, this repression has taken the form of sexual abuse, beatings, house burnings, arbitrary arrests, and the prolonged, illegal detention of people without any charges. UN forces have been repeatedly implicated in these activities. In San Francisco, people gathered at 4:30 pm for a rally at Powell and Market Street, followed by a march to the Brazilian Consulate. Brazil commands the UN military force in Haiti.

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