Gray Panthers of San Francisco
March 2007 Newsletter

Gray Panthers Night at the Movies
Sat, March 24, 7 PM: Inherit the Wind


Kick your shoes off and enjoy the movie, refreshments, and our company in a member's home. Inherit the Wind, about the 1925 Scopes Trial of a teacher who dared teach Darwinian Evolution in his classroom. He did this as a consequence of one of his student's request for knowledge. The trial pitted the great attorney of the day, Clarence Darrow, against the often-running presidential candidate, and famous orator, William Jennings Bryan. The play that gave rise to the movie was not intended as a documentary-drama about the Scopes trial, but as a warning about the evils of McCarthyism. Read Wikipedia on Inherit the Wind and the Scopes Trial.

Please phone the office, 415-552-8800 and leave a message to be called with the location.

The real Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan

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