Gray Panthers of San Francisco
May 2007 Newsletter

Our Bodies, Our Right to Decide


In a case brought by Alberto Gonzales, the Attorney General under serious investigation for political firings of many state prosecutors, the Supreme Court attacked all women in their decision to take away our rights to make choices about our own bodies. The only woman on the court, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, wrote in dissent: “For the first time since Roe, the court blesses a prohibition with no exception safeguarding a woman’s health.”

The president of Operation Rescue, an organization notorious over many decades for harassing women trying to enter Planned Parenthood, boasted, “We can do more than just put hurdles in front of women seeking abortions, we can put roadblocks in front of them!”

We will never again allow women to be exposed to dangerous back-alley abortions. We can support Senator Barbara Boxer’s Freedom of Choice of 2004. We can call all our congresspersons, we can sign petitions (in the Gray Panthers office), and, as always, we will take to the streets to protect our hard won rights.

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