Gray Panthers of San Francisco
June 2007 Newsletter

Gray Panthers Night at the Movies
Special Presentation: Ride to Wounded Knee
with remarks by the producer and director.


Friday, June 22, 5 PM
SF Gray Panthers
1182 Market St (at Hyde), Room 203
San Francisco

"Ride to Wounded Knee, a special Gray Panthers Movie Night presentation. This is a stirring record of a journey on horseback, taken recently by a group of Lakota Indians (Sioux) across the stark, snow-swept, -70° landscape of South Dakota. This 250 mile spiritual quest retraces a ghostly trail taken a hundred years ago by Lakota men, women and children to their death at Wounded Knee. It contains striking images from the ride- told on film for the first time from the point of view of the Lakota themselves. The director and the producer will be present to discuss and answer questions. Location: GP office, 1182 Market St (at Hyde St, one door downtown from Orpheum Theater), room 203. Light food. Donation requested. More information: 415-552-8800.

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