Gray Panthers of San Francisco
July 2007 Newsletter

San Francisco - A Clean, Green City?


Not according to Marie Harrison of Greenaction who spoke at our June meeting. SF has good policies, but no enforcement–especially when it comes to cleaning up pollution and toxicity in Bayview-Hunters Point. This southeast corner is host to Panglo and the sewage plant that are among the biggest polluters in the city. Lennar, paid to clean up asbestos and other toxic materials, is spewing toxic dust with no accountability and no city oversight. There is no effort at community involvement, no consultation, no information sharing. The streets aren’t maintained, broken street lights aren’t replaced, public transportation is inadequate, only one grocery store but numerous liquor stores.

Clean? No. Green? No. Community empowered? No. Ready to fight for all the above? You bet. Looking for allies to improve our city? Eager and welcome. Shall we join them? Yes!

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