Gray Panthers of San Francisco
July 2007 Newsletter

Sin Fronteras! We want a world without borders!


Gray Panthers at the May 1, 2006 march for immigrant rights and worker solidarity.

Immigrant rights activists let Senator Feinstein know that compromising human rights is not acceptable. Over 100 activists blocked the entrances to Senator Dianne Feinstein’s office building with rolls of chicken wire fence laced with white crosses, representing immigrant lives lost trying to cross the border. The entire plaza in front of the building was filed with demonstrators whose voices could be heard at least a half block away. The Senator, who has not been known for her responsiveness to demonstrators’ calls, was forced to make an appearance. Our Senator has now been put on alert that all the proposed compromises will not be accepted.

Senator Feinstein’s plan would further militarize the borders, set up more ICE raids and detention centers, and set up a national ID card that both citizens and immigrants would need in order to work. Once these measures are in place, current undocumented immigrants could begin the legalization process involving thousands of dollars in fines and fees and criminal background checks. Heads of households would have to leave the country with no assurance that they could re-enter and rejoin their families. Meanwhile, millions of immigrants would be brought in as temporary workers, never eligible for permanent residence and subject to deportation the minute their work ends. Finally, preferences for permanent residence would be changed, favoring highly educated, technically trained English speakers over family members of current immigrants.

The crisis of immigration is now worldwide due to decades of exploitation of developing countries by entities like the G8, World Bank, and the IMF and by private corporations. Over 200 million poor and working people are forced to migrate all over the globe for survival. Half of the world’s workers earn less than $2 per day. Increasingly, wealthier countries are closing borders and accepting only people with professional skills. Yet, if true globalization is to take place, it must be for the benefit of all the people, and not based on unmitigated greed for profit.

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