Gray Panthers of San Francisco
September 2007 Newsletter

Civil Liberties / Human Rights Committee:

American Psychological Association OKs
Its Members' Participation in Interrogations.


News to shock your socks off: the culture of terror and the culture of torture are made in the USA. At their national convention in San Francisco, the American Psychological Association took a position against torture, but declined to pass a resolution that forbid APA members from participating in interrogations at Guantanamo. Aren’t psychologists educated to relieve those in stress from abuse and to guide their clients toward realizing potential? Is it “only human” that they increase their bottom line by training our Federal employees to inflict corporal punishment on human beings?

Judge Lord Goldsmith in Britain has invoked the Human Rights Act of the European Union to outlaw torture in England. Would that our judges could access a human rights document to protect us from potential torture! Is it time to protect ourselves with a human rights amendment to the California constitution?

Heads up—To honor Eleanor Roosevelt on her birthday, October 11, there will be a reading of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by a middle school civics class on City Hall steps.

"Democracy Now" program interviewing American Psychological Association members opposed to participation in interrogations.

"Democracy Now" program on the American Psychological Association's rejection of a resolution severing all APA members' association with interrogation and torture.

More background, pictures, and video of demonstration against APA's complicity with torture at APA's convention in San Francisco.

Website of Psychologists for an Ethical APA, the group within APA organizing opposition to interrogations.

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