Gray Panthers of San Francisco
October 2007 Newsletter

Gray Panthers Fundraiser Brunch for Mumia


Our Civil Liberties/Human Rights Committee held a fund-raising brunch for Mumia Abu-Jamal on September 10. There to discuss his case were his lead attorney, Robert R. Bryan, and Jeff Mackler of the Mobilization to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal. Despite a small attendance, we raised over $400. Speaking to his lawyer just prior to our brunch, Mumia said he had once met and interviewed Maggie Kuhn in the early 70s. Mumia asked that his warm wishes be passed on to us!

Robert Bryan reviewed Mumia’s last hearing on May 17 in which the US Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments from the state aimed at restoring Mumia’s death penalty, which was overturned in 2001. The arguments presented focused on the original trial, the death penalty, the racism of the trial, the bias of the judge and the false information presented by the prosecutor in his summary to the jury. If the three-judge panel accepts the argument that the prosecutor was lying to the jury, it will mean a new trial for Mumia.

Bryan feels certain that he can win the case and that, one way or another, Mumia’s case will probably reach the US Supreme Court. But more importantly, Bryan believes Mumia will gain his freedom if we all maintain and continue our political activism and support. Mumia has always declared that the case is not just about him, but about everyone facing a death penalty, all political prisoners, and all who are incarcerated unjustly by the racist judicial system. He felt that a Gray Panthers’ endorsement of Mumia’s cause would give the fight against the death penalty national recognition. A decision on the May 17 arguments is expected in the next few weeks.

Legal update, July 4, 2007, from Mumia's attorney, Robert Bryan.

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