Gray Panthers of San Francisco
October 2007 Newsletter



October General Meeting

If you have been reading the Bay Guardian, or paying attention recently to housing issues in the City, you may have noticed that San Francisco is becoming an enclave for young, white millionaires. What will happen to the rest of us? Will the folks that do the teaching, cooking, bus driving etc. all be commuting from hundreds of miles away? What can we do to keep the City livable for all of us and for those to come?

Let us meet with Dr. Ahimsa Sumchai, Bayview/Hunters Point activist and candidate for Mayor, to discuss the development issues there and around the City—who benefits, who will lose. Michael Lyon will talk about the history of redevelopment, now and then.

Watch a video where Ahimsa Porter Sumchai, Maurice Campbell, and Espanola Jackson discuss the toxic site proposed for Bayview housing.

Read Paradise Lost: A Recipe for Gentrification in Chicago, San Francisco, and Beyond by Peter Feng, and published in Beyond Chron in 2006, showing the racist history of Redevelopment.

Read Class War in San Francisco, from the SF Bayview newspaper on environmental racism, housing, Redevelopment, jobs, police brutality, and income in San Francisco.

Read Ethnic Cleansing in San Francisco, on gentrification, redevelopment, lack of jobs, and the mass incarceration of minority youth, from the Oct 7, 2007 Fog City Journal.

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