David Chiu; Give Rent Control Real Power, Repeal Costa-Hawkins
Action at SF Assemblymember David Chiu's SF Office
Tuesday, December 5, 11:30 AM
State Office Building, 350 McAllister St, (betwn Polk & Larkin)

Chiu; Stop Sitting on AB 1506, Which Would Repeal Costa-Hawkins

Assemblymember David Chiu from San Francisco is squashing a bill that could bring significant relief to millions of Californians who are desperate to find affordable housing.

AB 1506 would repeal California's infamous 1995 Costa-Hawkins Law, which outlaws real rent control. It prohibits cities from passing any rent control laws which:

(1) would cover buildings constructed after 1979,
(2) would cover single-family buildings, and
(3) would keep rent control on a unit in effect
when a new tenant moves in ("vacancy control").

The result is that even in cities with "rent control" the landlords and apartment owners have incentives to (1) evict tenants so rents on a unit can be re-set to market rates, and (2) tear down old buildings and build new ones that would be completely free from rent control.

AB 1506 has been referred to the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee, which David Chiu chairs.  One might think that Chiu, representing San Francisco, a city with some of the highest rents in the nation, might support AB 1506.  Instead, Chiu, as Chair of the Housing Committee, is refusing to let the bill come up for a vote in the Committee.

Join us Tuesday, December 5, 11:30 AM at Chiu's SF office, 350 McAllister, to demand Chiu let AB 1506 be heard in his Committee.  California needs to repeal Costa-Hawkins and have real rent control.


Please call Chiu's office at 916-319-2017 (Sacramento) and/or 415-557-3013:

Tell him “Assemblymember Chiu, we need stronger rent control to protect seniors and people with disabilities. Please schedule a vote on Assembly Bill 1506 to Repeal Costa-Hawkins.”