of San Francisco


Tues, Oct 23: Supervisor Hearing
on Raising Wages of 22,000+ Low Wage Workers

Support raises for IHSS Workers and Non-Profit workers. Tues, Oct 23, 1 PM City Hall.  

Over 20,000 IHSS workers providing badly-needed home-care to some 20,000 very  low-income seniors and people with disabilities, and over 2,000 workers in non-profits  supplying City services in homeless shelters are to are barely able to survive themselves  on the City's $15/hr minimum wage.  Passing the Minimum Compensation Ordinance  by the Supervisors would raise their pay to $17/hr, barely a living wage, but a significant  improvement. Read more. Please call or email Supervisors Mandelman (415) 554-6968,  Peskin (415) 554-7450,  Safai (415) 554-6975,  and Cohen (415) 554-7670.  Then come support and speak for the Minimum Compensation Ordinance at the the Board of Supervisors vote Tuesday, October 23, 1 PM at  City Hall.   Read more about this event.


San Francisco Gray Panthers,