January 1998

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Thurs., Jan. 8, 10:00­12:00 noon

SAN. Unitarian Church, Geary and Franklin.

Wed., Jan. 14, 1:30­3:00 p.m.

Board meeting at the office. All welcome and invited!

Wed., Jan.­May, 4:10­5:50 p.m.

Human Rights and Peace Law in the U.S. Course at SFSU in Philosophy Dept.,

Ann Fagan Ginger, Prof. Auditors welcomeno tuition (need to buy coursebook)

(510) 848-0599.

Fri., Sat., Jan. 16, 17, call for times

Seminar on Human Rights, Democracy and Economic Development. Sponsors:

International Center for Peace and Justice and Women's International League

for Peace and Freedom (WILPF­SF). First Unitarian Church, Geary and

Franklin. Free. Call (415) 759-9774 for info.

Tues., Jan 20, 12:30­3:00 p.m.

General Meeting: Focus on Homelessness with speakers from the Alternative

Media Network, Bay Area Homelessness Program, and Coalition on

Homelessness. First Unitarian Church, Geary and Franklin.

Wed., Jan. 21, 7:00­9:00 p.m.

Electric Deregulation: Is Public Power the Answer? Presented by SF Green

Community at the NewCollege Theater, 777 Valencia St.

Thurs., Jan 22, 6:30 p.m.

N2N: Women's Building. 18thStreet near Valencia

PG&E Discount?

For a lot of info on Public Power and Deregulation, subscribe to the SF Green Party Newsletter. It's just $5.00 each year and goes into public environmental policies in depth.

Attend the San Francisco Green Community and the Alliance for Municipal Power presentation by Daniel Perman, Ph.D., on Who Owns the Sun? Wednesday, January 21, at 7:00 p.m. at the New College Theater.

As one resident recounted, "I just got my December bill and it's more than 10% higher than any I've received in the past six years. Does that mean that it will go back to a little more than normal in January?

January: Focus on Homelessness

We have invited three women who are actively working to help homeless people who need and seek shelter find a solution for their misfortunes in San Francisco.

Kay Griffin, Alternative Media Network, Roma Guy, Director, Bay Area Homelessness Program, and Mara Raider, Coalition on Homelessness, will tell us about their work with homeless people from the young to the elderly, and what the Gray Panthers can do to help them in their worthwhile work.

This subject affects all of us by making neighborhoods safe, our neighbors healthy and secure, and our children's and grandchildren's lives in our City viable. Bring your questions and ideas to this Tuesday, January 20 meeting at the First Unitarian Church.

Leaders and Doers

Elected by acclamation at our December party/meeting as new members of the Board of Directors of the San Francisco GP Network are Augusta, Fanny, Karen, Mitzi, Inger and Franklin. They join continuing members Deetje, Clarissa, Mary Frances, Eleanor and Aroza.

Board meetings are held the second Wednesday of every month at the office at 1:30 p.m. Everyone is invitedurgedto attend and participate in Board meetings.

Seminar on Human Rights, Democracy and Economic Development

Attend an exciting and important Seminar on Human Rights, Democracy and Economic Development, January 16 evening and Saturday, January 17 at the First Unitarian Church. The Seminar topics will include "The Effects of Globalization and Free Trade on Human Rights and Economic Development"; "Combating Racism, Fundamentalism, Ethnic ConflictImpediments to Economic Progress"; and "Women's Equality Essential to Economic Progress." Speakers include: Aileen Hernandez and Anuradha Mittal of Food First; Brenda Cochrane, President of Coalition of Labor Union Wemen (CLUW); Karen Talbot and Ann Fagan Ginger.

The seminar will be held in observance of the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is sponsored by the International Center for Peace and Justice and Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF­SF). Free! Call 759-9774.

Background on the Conference:

In San Francisco on November 14­16, the Western Hemisphere Workers' Conference Against NAFTA and Privatizations. The nearly 400 participants came from 20 countriesmainly from North, South and Central America and the Caribbean.

The Final Declaration stated: "We have gathered to give testimony to the deleterious effects the transnational corporate agenda has had on working people throughout the hemisphere and to improve our capacity for mutual support and solidarity in our responses to this assault upon living and working conditions and democratic rights

"We have heard the reports of the consequences of NAFTA We have explored the ramifications of the pending Multilateral Agreement on Investment (MAI) ."

The conference proposed this common Day of Action against NAFTA and its concommitant agreements, for April 1998 on the day when the heads of state from the Americas will convene in Chile to discuss the creation of a Free Trade Agreement for the Americas.

The full declaration and reports from workshops are availabe through the SFGPs.

Jobs With Justice

As the first nation-wide action in cooperation with our Washington D.C. staff and board of directors, Gray Panthers of S.F. joined with the Coalition for Ethical Welfare Reform in a day of solidarity which originated with Jobs with Justice. At the demonstration we marched in the opening circle, handed out excellent information, including a four-page comic strip rendition of the problems of workfare as we know it.

Included in the coalition are POWER, SEIU unions and the Labor Council, Lawyers Guild and the International Socialists. There were ten speakers, including the Gray Panthers, talking about the problems people face forced to work in lieu of general assistance or food stamps and the conditions under which they must work.

POWER and the unions cooperated in an earlier demonstration at the Muni barns resulting in the workfare workers being given back their one-hour lunch break so they could go to Martin DePorres for their food allotment. Additionally, the practice of separate bathrooms was changed, and an agreement was reached to negotiate with POWER on future problems.

The issues between forced workfare jobs and union workers, as well as other workers will be made more difficult when people receiving what was previously called AFDC are forced to work under CalWorks. Fortunately there is still room for changes in CalWorks and we need to be vigilant and supportive.

The national demonstration on December 10 was the first step in a complicated process of placing welfare recipients into jobs under the present economic system of downsizing, mergers, increased technology, exporting jobs, NAFTA, WTO, IMF, and the proposed MAI.

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