May 1996 Newsletter

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The Newsletter of the San Francisco Gray Panthers is published each month, and distributed free of charge to members and friends of this nonprofit organization.

Editorial Board:Agnes Batteiger, Rebecca Hirshleifer, Mitzi Raas; Publisher, Astrid M. Spector; Art Director, Fannie Biderman; Proof, Lurilla Harris; Circulation: Harold Greenblatt and Mary Francis Smith. Printed by Graffik Natwicks; Webpage design: Barry Simpkins


Tune In ...
If you're at home or in your car between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. on week days, tune in to KQED 88.5 FM on your radio. You'll hear Forum with Michael Krazny and his multifaceted guests examine current Bay Area concerns from politics thru ecology thru entertainment. You may not always agree, but you can call in to 863-2476 and tell him how it seems to you.

Help Needed ...
We need letter writers, phone answerers, paper filers and friendly people to help in the office. If you can spare an hour or two a week, call the office-415-552-8800-and volunteer. Every little bit counts.

Meeting with the Mayor

Earlier this year we sent the following letter to Mayor Brown:

Dear Mayor,

As an organized part of your constituency in the City, the Gray Panthers of San Francisco request fifteen minutes of your time, at your office at your convenience, to discuss with you our concerns for our city for the coming year and beyond. We would appreciate your scheduling such a meeting in the near future.

Concerns: This city should be all-inclusive in its policies and its functioning-poor as well as rich, renters as well as landlords, older and younger, all races, all colors, all sexes and all mixes thereof. Decent housing for the homeless and affordable housing for the rest of us. Enforce the minimum residential hotel codes. Use empty buildings and those with persistent delinquent taxes for housing. Implement Youth Time Agenda, "somewhere to go and something to do" in every neighborhood and all day and evening. Activate the Youth Commission. Use the Children's Fund for employment and training and health services for our young people.

A Serendipitous Affair

The reception, April 20, to honor Vi Jacobson and Aroza Simpson was acknowledged by all who attended, a

Ready For A Challenge?

The staff of your newsletter needs your input. We few are left to find the info, write it up, make it fit, and put it into publishable form. Though we receive many kudos and very few complaints, we rarely receive any offer of help, any written contributions, any timely advice or notice of things to come.

Hindsight is fine; foresight is better. Contribute some of yours. Call 415-474-9411 and vent!

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