November 2000

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Thurs., Nov. 2 1:00­3:00 p.m.

Board meeting at the office. All welcome!

Tues., Nov. 7 7:00 a.m.­8:00 p.m.

Vote, Vote, Vote, Vote, Vote, Vote, Vote !!!

Sat., Nov. 11 10:00 a.m.­1:00 p.m.

Healthcare is a human right: from El Salvador to the Bay Area. Panel

discussion. Women's Building, 3543 18th St. Info, 415/648-8222.

Sat., Nov. 18 10:30 a.m.­12:15 p.m.

OWL: "The Goddess Within," presented by Pru Pemberton, based the

work of Jean Shinoda Bolen. Info 415/989-4422.

Sat., Nov. 18 1:00­5:00 p.m.

SaSat., Nov. 18 Free training session: Just Health Care presented by Golden Gate

Chapter, Labor Party. 522 Valencia, 3rd floor. Reservations

requested. Info 415/626-1175.

Tues., Nov. 21 12:30­3:00 p.m.

General meeting. Discuss the recent elections, and consider actions

and reactions for GPs in the coming year. First Unitarian Church,

Geary and Franklin.

Tues., Nov. 21 7:00 p.m.

Dr. John Gilman of Health Care for All­San Francisco will outline Sen.

Paul Wellstone's state-by-state approach to universal coverage.

626 Pacheco, S.F. Info at 415/695-7891.

Thurs., Nov. 23 Thanksgiving Day.

Sat., Nov. 25 Regional Meeting

San Lorenzo hosts the Bay Area networks. Call the office for more

info., 415/552-8800.

Fri., Sat., Sun., throughout November

Free neighborhood admission to California Academy of Sciences in

Golden Gate Park. Call 415/750-7145 to find out which ZIPCodes

are invited on specially designate days.

Gray Panthers' Plans for 2001

As we discuss the results of the November 7 vote and how we can either support or counteract thes new governmental statutes, we must not lose sight of our core issues. As in the past few years, one of our prime motivations is to gain health care for all. We will discuss strategies to gain this essential goal. And then there are ageism, schools, fairness in housing, saving our environmentfrom the air we breathe to the redwoodsand related concerns about genetically altered foods and radiation, nuclear pollution in space and at home. Join us on November 21 and let's draw up a GPs agenda for 2001!

Nominations Needed for Our Board

Yes, another election, this time our own. Each year the San Francisco Gray Panthers elect member of our Board of Directors. The Board determines policies and activities. Its members are elected for two-year terms on a staggered basis and no member may serve more than four consecutive years.

In 2000 our Board members included Mary Frances, Lois, Clarissa, Cris (their first year); Astrid, Rebecca, Lillian K., Miriam B. (second year); Augusta, Mitzi, Inger, Franklin (third year); and Aroza is in her fourth year. Those finishing their first or third year have another year to serve and will be ongoing members in 2001.

Nominations are open until our December meeting, when elections are held. Nominees must be paid-up members of the S.F. network of the GPs. Anyone can make a nomination by calling or writing the office or nominating at a board or membership meeting. You may nominate yourself if you wish. We greatly need new blood on our Board, so here is your opportunity.

Perhaps you noticed that one member of the Board this year has served four years and is not eligible for re-election, Aroza, our convenor. As we report to you elsewhere in this newsletter, Aroza wants to shuck the duties of convenor and devote her energies to being outreach coordinator. Thank you, Aroza, for your devotion beyond the call of duty.The Board determines policies and activities. Its members are elected for two-year terms on a staggered basis and no member may serve more than four consecutive years.

Important Propositions Discussed

Our October meeting, under Chair Mitzi Raas and exposition by Wendy Chan, examined the meaning and probable outcome of the votes we will cast November 7.

The vast differences within the GPs ranks are amply displayed in the Straw Poll we conducted at this meeting:

Vote your conscience no matter the opinion of the majority and may the most appropriate and beneficial proposition win! But Vote! It's the most responsible way for community activists and independent citizens to show they care!

Rally to Get U2K on the Agenda

· Affordable · Accessible · Publicly Accountable

· Comprehensive · Universal Health Care

More than 50 seriously dedicated people resisted the temptations of a myriad of outdoor activities on October 7 to concentrate on gaining local, state and national candidates' endorsement of Universal Health Care (U2K).

Though before this meeting requests had been sent to candidates asking them to pledge support for U2K, only two, Kevin Shelley and Medea Benjamin, signed on. Our task now is to press the others for their commitment. Participants agreed to send delegations to Burton, Migden, Pelosi and the rest plus letters, petitions and calls aimed at putting U2K at the top of their agendas.

Three candidates for S.F. office were in attendance and spoke in favor of U2Ktwo candidates for supervisor from District 8, Eileen Hanson and James Green, and for college board Milton Marks III. (An aside for GP membersMarks worked for Maggie Kuhn in Philadelphia before she died.)

Most of the audience were GPs, including groups from Contra Costa and Marin. Also well represented were OWL and N2N, and people from ASCME, CNA, Cispes and the S.F. Labor Party. Each attendee had a chance to speak, and many emphasized single payer as well as U2K. Some time was spent discussing the stalled state universal health care feasibility study that was passed by the legislature but remains unfunded. Everyone is urged to press Gov. Davis for action.

Special thanks to Aroza and Don Bechler of Health Care for All for their hard work in organizing this event. Health care for everybodya mark of a civilized society.

Excerpts from an article in the N.Y. Times 6/19/2000.

The array of health benefits Vermont provides its residentsnot just the elderly but also children and low income adultsis unmatched by any other state. 93.5% have health insuralnce, including essentially all children. Anyone 18 years or under from a family making less than $50,000 a year is guaranteed free medical and dental care. Adults who make less than 150% of the federal poverty level are entitled to medical insurance for a nominal fee. Health insurance companies are required to sell policies to all who request them and at the same cost to everyone regardless of age or medical history. (This is just a brief description of the health benefits Vermont residents enjoy.)

Wouldn't single payer for everyone without insurance companies be fairer, easier and lots better?

For more information go to website for health plans/policy:

< > go to "readings."

Greenpeace Lists Generic Foods

If you are interested in avoiding genetically engineered foods, Greenpeace has a new shopping list for you. This organizations has put together a list of foods that it believes have been genetically modified, including everything from baby formula to pancake mix to frozen dinners. Brands included on the list are "likely" to contain genetically altered ingredients.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not label products that are genetically engineered unless there has been a change in nutritional value or toxicology, or if an allergin has been introduced. Greenpeace's list also names brands that have not been altered, as well as brands that are taking steps to eliminate genetically engineered ingredients from their products. The FDA contends there is no evidence that genetically engineered foods pose a health risk. Jeanne Merrill, who works for Greenpeace's genetic engineering campaign, contends the public is being used as guinea pigs.

The Greenpeace list is available by calling 1-800/219-9260 or by logging onto <>.

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