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Sept. 1­30: Sat., Sun., Labor Day 1:30 p.m.

Free Shakespeare in the Park, The Merry Wives of Windsor.

Golden GatePark. 415/865-4434.

Tues., Sept. 4 1:00­3:00 p.m.

Board meeting at the office. All welcome!

Thurs., Sept. 6­9 10:00 a.m.­6:00 p.m.

37th S.F. Public Library Annual Book Sale at Fort Mason's

Herbst Pavilion. All books $1.00.

Sun., Sept. 9 1:30­3:30 p.m.

"Opera's Greatest Hits." Free Opera in the Park concert performed

by the San Francisco Opera in Sharon Meadow, Golden State Park.

Sat., Sept. 15 12:30­3:00 p.m.

Meeting with cooperating socially progressive organizations on

the War in Space versus Peace on Earth. S.F. Friends Meeting,

65 Ninth St. All Welcome!

Sun., Sept. 16­Nov. 28

Land + Scape:Exhibition in praise of the farmer as artist.

Main Library, Jewett Gallery. Free.

Wed., Sept. 19 12:00­1:00 p.m.

"About Face." Humorist David Roche comments on

the health care system from both sides of the bed. UCSF

Parnassus Campus, Health Sciences West, Room 300.

Sat., Sept. 22 10:30 a.m.­12:30 p.m.

OWL: "Exploring End of Life Issues" discussed by Bay Area

Network on End of Life care. Unitarian Church, Franklin and Geary.

Sat., Sept. 29 In Washington, D.C.

International day of action against U.S. military

and economic intervention in Latin America and the

Caribbean. Info: 212/229-1290 or 202/544-9355.

Sat., Oct. 6 Regional meeting in Sacramento.

Call the office for details, 415/552-8800.

Joining Forces for Peace on Earth

Working together with like-minded organizations is the only wayto achieve the social goals we advocate. The opposition presents its own united front to defeat our goals and actions.

How often have you heard "united we stand [etc.]..."? The Gray Panthers must advocate for such unity. Our general meeting September 15 is a step in the direction of organizations working together on a common issue: There will be interesting speakers, audience participation, a renowned video on "Star Wars Revisited," entertainment, opportunities to socialize and refreshments. But, best of all, at least nine socially progressive organizations, including Gray Panthers, will each be speaking for five minutes about their plans to protect the crucial importance of meeting social needs before embarking on the disastrous path to war in space now being advocated by the Bush administration. Please attend. Your input is important!

Fast Track to ???

(as excerpted from the Public Citizen News, July­August 2001)

Contrary to promises and predictions, the North American Free Trade Agreement farmers and consumers have not benefited from the trade pact. According to a new study by Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch, it found that farm incomes plummeted and bankruptcies escalated in the United States, Canada and Mexicowhile U.S. food prices increased 20%during the first seven years under NAFTA. Yet, Archer Daniels Midland's profits nearly tripledfrom $110 million to $301 million and Con Agra's profits grew from $143 million to $413 million. Joan Claybrook, president of Public Citizen, said "As bad as NAFTA's seven years has been in the United States, the results for poverty-stricken Mexican farmers and consumers is horrific and puts to rest the myth that these trade deals benefit people in developing countries."

Worth Reading

Gore Vidal's The Golden Age is history that most of us experienced, starting in the late 1930s. It is very iconoclastic, purportedly an insider version of Washington politics and personalities and, to a lesser degree, New York and the arts. You may find yourself strongly disagreeing with it and yet uneasily suspecting there may be a lot of truth to it. No matter how much of it you believe, you will find it full of "I remember" moments.

A few caveats about this book: It jumps around and is not well dated. There are so many characters, both real and fictional, that often you have forgotten from one section to the next who even the main characters are. I felt that I was missing a whole subtext by not being able to match thinly-disguised fictional characters with their real life counterparts the way a true insider could.

Nevertheless, this is a very interesting, readable and provocative recounting of our recent history. Highly recommended. You can get it from the S.F. Public Library. Mitzi Raas

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