October 2001

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Tues., Oct. 2 1:00­3:00 p.m.

Board meeting at the office. Important policy decisions are made at these

meetings. All members' input is welcomed, indeed, urged!

Tues., Oct. 9 1:00 p.m.

Health Committee Meeting. Planning for the November general meeting. Info: 415/567-5348.

Thurs., Oct. 11 9:00 a.m.­2:00 p.m.

SAN 11th Anniversary Convention. St. Mary's Cathedral, 1111 Gough. Info: 415/863-2033.

Sat., Oct. 13 1:00 ­6:00 p.m.

Communities Gathering for Action, Celebration, and Support of

"Fallout­Hunters Point to Outer Space." Featuring Sophie Maxwell,

Wilson Riles, Maurice Campbell, "Soul'd Out" Gospel Chair, and many more. Milton Myers Recreation Center, 195 Kiska Road, Hunters

Point. Info: 415/565-0201 ext. 24.

Sun., Oct. 14 9:30 a.m.­3:00 p.m.

Conference: Labor, the Environment and Public Power. Presenters

include Dan Berman, author of Who Owns the Sun; Robin David, for-

mer PG&E worker; Jay James, advocate for alternative energy systems; Medea Benjamin, Global Exchange founder and advocate of

Public Power, and many, many more! Donation requested but no one turned away. ILWU Local 34, 5 Berry St./Embarcadero (next to

PacBell Stadium).

Tues., Oct. 16 12:30­3:00 p.m.

General meeting. Examination of the Propositions on the November ballot. Very important decisions about our day-to-day welfare will

made in November. Unitarian Church, Geary and Franklin.

Sat., Oct. 20 10:30 a.m.­12:30 p.m.

OWL: Friendship Among Women, discussion led by Marian Branch.

Info: 415/989-4422.

The Bravest RepBarbara Lee against the tide!

A shaky, lone voice of reason was heard through choked-down tears in the U.S. Congress on September 14, 2001. Barbara Lee of Oakland voted against giving the president more powers than he already hasto wage unlimited war without the "advice and consent" of the elected members of the Congress.

"I don't think we should take any action that should cause any more loss of life," Lee said. "Violence begets violence, and we don't want that to happen. That kills people."

It should be noted that Lee voted for the $40-billion package needed for recovery efforts and beefed-up anti-terrorist programs, but balked at the idea that vengeful violence will solve terrorism in the world or bring back any of the citizens lost in the attack.

The answer to violence is NOT more violence!

We Mourn Together!

From East and West, Americans all!

Excerpt from an e-mail from New York sent September 14: "I was on my back, facing this massive cloud that was approaching, it must have been 600 feet off, everything was already dark. I normally wear a pendant around my neck inscribed with an Arabic prayer for safety.A Hasidic Jewish man came up to me and held the pendant in his hand and looked at it. He read the Arabic out loud for a second. What he said next, I will never forget. With a deep Brooklyn accent he said, 'Brother, if you don't mind, there is a cloud of glass coming at us, grab my hand, let's get the hell out of here.' If it weren't for him, I probably would have been engulfed in shattered glass and debrís."

And now we ask: "Why?"

It is time that we, as a country, ask ourselves what we have done, how we have acted, why we take such pride in being "the only super-power"on this earth? It's time to look back and take stock of how our "power" has influenced the have-not countries, the poor, the starving. And as we reflect, instead of revenge, use our power for reform!

Unity in Times of Crisis

Many progressive organizations from diverse groups must come together, especially in times of crisis, just as do those of the opposition. Our unity in the cause of peace has to make up for our smaller numbers and absence of media exposure.

To that end, we urge all Gray Panthers to attend the "Gathering for Action, Celebration and Support" planned for Saturday, October 13 in Hunters Point.

Toward Peace on Earth!

Dire warnings about the militarization of space and its consequences were brought home to us at our September meeting in the ample room at the Friends Meeting House. An intensely photographed and narrated film by journalist Karl Grossman, Star Wars Revisited, presented horrors even worse than those we were inundated with from New York and Washington.

The speakers that followed, introduced by Aroza Simpson, expanded and explained how this subject leads up to the International Day of Protest planned for October 13 in Hunters Point. Andrew Lichterman of the Western States Legal Foundation described his organization's dedication to preservation of rights as against our quest for world subjugation. Andy Sakara of the Bay Area Progressive Challenge urged that the monies that will be expended on this kind of weaponization should be devoted to the needs of the people!

Rhoda Norman of the Women's League of Peace and Freedom, S.F. Branch urged all present to attend and support the October 13 rally. And Gray Panther Mitzi Raas continued the cry for peace by promoting the long-time G.P. campaign for No War Toys or Entertainment in order teach our children the way to peace.

A full exposition with slides and detailed explanations of the plight of the Hunters Point communities was presented by Maurice Campbell of Community First Coalition with the help of Lynne Brown of Communities for a Better Environment and Community First Coalition. They showed graphically the devastation wreaked by the now deserted Naval Shipyards. the

They urged that all progressive organizations attend the October 13 meeting and call for, no, demand that the whole area be cleaned up by those parties that desecrated it!

Sandra Schwartz of the American Friends Service Committee organized this meeting and the space in the Meeting House. Sandra is also one of the leaders of the October 13 event, chairingplanning group and developing outreach post cards, flyers and press releases. Our thanks to Sandra, to Ray Lever for his music during social times and intermissions, and to all contributors to this meeting, too numerous to mention.

"It was only research and development"

Fifty years ago: the U.S Navy used Hunters Point shipyard to clean up radioactive ships, run experiments and invent new weapons.

Fifty years later: the Navy still hasn't come clean with what they left behind and how to get rid of it.

Now, the United States wants to expand research and development into space.

Join us

in this event to implement Proposition P. Perimeter tours of Hunters Point's shipyard, speakers, music and food. Bring something to hang on wall panels in honor of people suffering illnesses from this toxic legacy.


Saturday, October 13, 20011:00 to 6:00 p.m.

Milton Myers Recreation Center

195 Kiska Road, Hunters Point, San Francisco

Directions Driving: From Third St., turn left on Palou; left on Ingalls, right on Kiska. On Muni: Bus #15 on Third St. or #24 Divisadero to Third St. at Hudson. Transfer to #54 Felton outbound. From Daly City, # 54 Felton inbound. If necessary, call 415/567-5348 to reserve a ride from 65 Ninth St.but be there!

Message from Issues Coordinator

Yes, we have suffered a tragedy. Yes, as a society we mourn. Over 6,000 of us have died. But what will be the response to this outrage visited on innocent people?

What kind of united front can the Progressive Movement put forward? These questions are as yet unanswered within the Gray Panthers organization. What are your ideas for action? Bring them to our Board of Directors meeting on October 2. We'll hear them. And bring them to our regular meeting October 16 and let all our members comment. We will have a voice in our country's direction! Aroza Simpson

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