Stop the Corporate Stranglehold over Our Healthcare System


How do we weaken the corporate stranglehold over our health care system?

How do we protect Medicare and Social Security during an onslaught to reduce the deficit on the back of our most valuable social programs?

What's next for states fighting for single-payer health care?


7pm Wed FEB 2

474 Valencia SF

Centro del Pueblo at 16th St.

( block north of 16th ST, 1 block to 16th BART, buses 26 Valencia, 22 on 16th, 14, 33, & 49 at 16th BART at Mission )


Katie Robbins, National Organizer for Healthcare-NOW!

Margaret Flowers, MD: Congressional Fellow for Physicians for a National Health Program

Sponsored by Single Payer Now

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Healthcare Yes!! Insurance Companies No!

Support SB 810 and HR 676

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