Senior & Disability Action Housing Collaborative Meeting

Wednesday,Dec 20, 1 PM

1360 Mission, 4th Fl.

(betw.9th-10th Sts, # 14, 6, 9, 21 buses)

See map at


Join SDA’s Housing Collaborative every third Wednesday of the month at 1pm to discuss

housing policy in San Francisco. Our emphasis is on the housing needs and concerns of

seniors and persons with disabilities who live in San Francisco. We invite speakers

working on current issues and we are open to suggestions for future meeting discussions

and topics. We have been active in organizing actions against evictions and

displacements in San Francisco, and pressing for safe Single-Room Occupancy (SRO)

rooms, with grab bars, working phone jacks, and now, working elevators.


SDA’s Housing Collaborative is the housing program of Senior and Disability Action.