Gray Panthers of San Francisco
December 2006 Newsletter

Election Redux
Sobering thoughts after the post-election euphoria.


First—the euphoria. Who would have believed such a stunning victory over the reactionary, narrow-minded, vindictive imperialistic far right?

Caveat— Many of the Democrats, newly elected and incumbent, are conservative and/or ex-moderate Republicans, centrist middle of the road types who will need lots of shoving from below to undo the harm done in the past few years and go on the offensive for a progressive agenda.

California—still with the governor who vetoed SB 840, universal single-payer health coverage. On the plus side, passed housing, school, clean water, and state park bonds, again voted down the anti-choice Prop 85, defeated Prop 90, the regulatory takings bill. On the negative side, turned down Prop 89 public election financing and the oil company tax Prop 87 (Chevron money wins again), and passed a truly stupid sex offender law, Prop 83.

San Francisco—pretty much status quo, a proud affirmation of “San Francisco values.” Approved school bonds, public hearings on big-box store incursions into neighborhoods, sick leave, renters relocation payment increases, and sense of the voters measure to impeach Bush/Cheney and support for senior and disabled housing. (Congratulations to our friends and allies in Save Our Seniors on passage of Measure K.) But car owners flexed their muscles voting down a parking tax increase. SF voters bucked the statewide vote by approving the oil tax and election financing.

All in all—hallelujah!


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