Gray Panthers of San Francisco
December 2006 Newsletter

Who Will Set the Table?
Nov 11, 2006 We the people voiced our priorities


Take a moment to celebrate a victory. We raised our voices against war, against the theft of our civil rights, against rewarding billions of dollars to corporations at the expense of working families and against criminal actions by the entire Bush administration.

We now remind our representatives of the meaning of represent: we decide what is or is not “off the table.” Immediately, we call for non-confirmations of John Bolton and Mr. Iran/Contra Robert Gates; we say no business as usual, like the passage of yet billions more dollars for war.

We can set forth our vision of a government with programs for people, not run-away profits for corporations:

* Return Habeas Corpus
* Immediate withdrawal from Iraq and all military bases
* Immediate investigations by Senate and House committees of all administrative corruptions, illegal actions, and war crimes
* Limit the military budget to benefits; no more weapons development
* Repeal of the Patriot Act
* Repeal of the Military Commissions Act
* Repeal of the Medicare Modernization Act and Medicare, Part D
* Repeal NAFTA, GAT, and CAFTA
* Universal Health Care
* A Living Wage for everyone
* Guaranteed Social Security benefits
* Free public education
* Creation of real jobs and green-collar jobs
* Affordable housing
* Right of return for Katrina survivors
* Sign and go beyond the Kyoto treaty
* Clean alternative energy
*Clean money and fair elections
*A Department of Peace
*A war tax on Bechtel and Halliburton

Write in your own agenda for the coming days!





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