Feinstein: Don't cut the heart out of Social Security!





Dianne Feinstein plans to set up a Commission to Restructure

Social Security, Medicare, and Other Entitlements.


Demonstrate Wed, Feb 14th, 11 AM

Feinstein’s office, 1 Post St, at Market, SF


·        Republican Senator Pete Domenici (NM) and Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein (CA) are co-sponsors of S-355, which would create a permanent commission to draft laws to “save” Social Security, Medicare, and other entitlements by drastically reducing their spending over the coming decades.  Feinstein quotes the Federal Reserve that entitlement spending is now a threat to the economy.


·        Without a crystal ball, we can’t anticipate the Commission’s proposals, but whether it’s privatization, contracting out, massive benefit cuts, or increasing the retirement age, it’s bound to hurt retirees, disabled people, and children. 


·        Republicans and Democrats both say the nation’s economy cannot afford to give us medical care and a decent life after we’ve worked  all our lives.  If this is true, it’s because they’ve spent the billions we paid into the system for wars over oil and tax cuts to the rich.


·        Feinstein says she wants to “save” Social Security and Medicare because corporations cut retiree pensions and healthcare.   Lies! The pressure to “restructure” entitlements comes from the same corporations, who want to repeat those cuts in the public sector. With the billions of cuts in social services, we need to be talking about ways to expand these programs, not cut them.


Hands Off Social Security, Medicare, and Entitlements!


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