Come to Supervisors Budget Hearing, Wed., May 12, 1 PM,
Demand Supervisors Reject the MTA Budget!  City Hall

Drivers and Riders Say NO service cuts! NO fare increases!

Come to SF Gray Panthers Meeting "Keep MUNI Alive!"
Tues., May 18, 12:30 PM, Unitarian Cntr, 1187 Franklin St

See videos and pictures of May 5th Demonstration


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Hedy Griffin, an rank-and-file MUNI driver spoke. She will also speak at the SF Gray Panthers meeting, "Keep MUNI alive," Tues, May 18, 12:30 PM, at the Unitarian Center, 1187 Franklin St. at Geary Blvd.

Wednesday, May 5th was a day of unity between MUNI drivers and riders demanding

  • NO to the service cuts of cross-town routes and non-rush-hour runs that will hurt seniors, kids, immigrants, disabled people, and working-class familes ... read more
  • NO to the fare increases that will hit the same groups of people ... read more
  • Chop from MUNI management, not the drivers ... read more
  • Stop SF Police harassment of Muni riders ... read more
  • Make downtown business pay for the service that brings them customers and workers ... read below

A driver made this poster and carried it on his bus in the morning. Lots of passengers congratulated him on fighting the service cuts. He joined the rally during his time off on his split shift.  Picture by Ellen Murray.

Downtown business should be paying for MUNI, since MUNI brings customers and workers to downtown business. This should be an annual tax on all downtown business property, to reflect the tremendous profits and value that transit adds, but the best we get is a Transit Impact Development Fee, a one-time fee on new construction. Even the collection of this Transit Impact Development fee has been undermined since 1981 by the Committee on Jobs, SPUR, Rescue MUNI, the City politicians, and the MTA Board and Management.  And now these corporations and their defenders are saying MUNI's financial troubles are due to drivers, who carry the nation's second-highest number of passengers per day, and the riders, whose fares have already been jacked up.

The May 5 demonstration was sponsored by More Public Transit, wtih ALIADI, ANSWER Coalition, Barrio Unido for a Full and Unconditional Amnesty, Causa Justa / Just Cause, CCDC, CPA, Day Labor Program, POWER, SAN, SF Living Wage Coalition, and TWU 250A

SF Gray Panthers - 1182 Market St. Rm 203 - 415-552-8800 -

Thanks to Bill Carpenter for the video and most of the pictures.