San Francisco Gray Panthers healthcare resolution for 2008 National Convention


Solidarity with Immigrants


WHEREAS during periods of high unemployment and assaults on working families' rights and living standards, there are frequently attacks on immigrants, which accuse them of stealing jobs, overburdening social programs, and threatening security. These attacks, often couched in racist rhetoric, call for more secure borders, rounding up of immigrants, and withholding public protections and services.


WHEREAS recent examples of this are sweeps of ICE raids that terrorize entire neighborhoods and split families, attacks on Day Labor Centers by racist groups, and the government's willingness to deny Medicaid to hundreds of thousands of poor US citizens through impossible documentation requirements that were put in place to deny healthcare to undocumented immigrants.


WHEREAS business groups and corporations want a large supply of very low-wage immigrant labor in a temporary “guest worker” status where they are too vulnerable to form unions or otherwise resist their special exploitation, similar to the hated “bracero” program of the 1950s.


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that Gray Panthers oppose these developments and legislative proposals, and express solidarity with immigrants by adopting the following: