San Francisco Gray Panthers healthcare resolution for 2008 National Convention

Join the Media Reform Movement


·         A democracy cannot function without an informed electorate.

·         Both locally and nationally we are not getting the full story or adequate background regarding the urgent issues of the day. We do not have the information to function as citizens to resolve national and global issues--healthcare, educational system, environmental and many others.  In addition, issues of socio-economic classes are ignored.

·         Moreover, attempts are made to curtail or reduce the public's access to the media and monopolize more of the public's airwaves. Attempts have been made and are being made to discontinue Network Neutrality and grant corporations  even further ownership of more media outlets in a single market.

·         It is not acceptable to learn, for example,  the circumstances surrounding the manipulation of the Iraqi War; the reasons for the Katrina disaster; or details of the ineptness and corruption existing in our federal government after the fact.

·         Corporate media, particularly “talk show” media purporting to give voice to the silenced majority, increasingly spread racist, misogynist, xenophobic, and homophobic fear and hatred, turning working families against one another, and weakening the progressive movement.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Gray Panthers

·         Raise the issue of a skewed corporate media from the beginning (primaries) to all candidates running for major offices (not just federal).

·         Act with and support media reform groups such as Media Alliance and Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (F.A.I.R.).

·         Demand all T.V. packages offered by television providers (cable, dish, satellite etc.) to include C-Span 1 and C-Span 2 at each and every level.

·         Encourage media reform groups themselves to connect with labor, environmental, immigrant, healthcare and other activists to realize a speedy reform of the media to serve other than corporate interests.