"Watching Big Brother Watch Us:
Immigrants and Citizens Together"

Renee Saucedo and Riva Enteen

Tuesday, June 21, 12:30 PM
SF Gray Panther General Meeting
Unitarian-Universalist Center, Fireside Room
1187 Franklin St (betw. Geary and O' Farrell)

This is a crucial time for civil liberties and human rights.

Immigrants are being threatened by:

  • Minutemen, armed border vigilantes whom the US Congress has feted  and Schwarzenegger has invited to California  , and is already planning action in California

  • The 71 member US Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus issued at widely-publicized 33 page report praising the Minutemen and calling for the governors of Arizona, California, Texas and New Mexico to get federal funding to deploy 36,000 National Guard Troops along the US-Mexico border .
  • The Real ID Act, making it virtually impossible for states to issue drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants, and moving the US closer to a national ID card     ,
  • New laws making political asylum extremely difficult  ,
  • Federal laws discouraging immigrants from using using health facilities, and
  • State laws barring undocumented immigrants from receiving health or any other state services, and criminalizing state employees who fail to report undocumented immigrants.

Citizens are being threatened by:

  • Administration moves to sneak through the perpetuation of provisions of the USA Patriot act that are due to expire at the end of this year   , and even expand it  ,
  • Government exercises in integrating its police, security, and intelligence forces to achieve massive roundups, such as the recent Operation Falcon, where over 10,000 were arrested nationwide over a short period of time    , including over 145 in Northern California , over half in San Francisco.
  • Reports of renewed grand jury subpoenas of political activists nationally and in the Bay Area     .  Under provisions of the Patriot Act not due to sunset, information obtained from grand juries can be given to the CIA.   See story and pictures of June 22 demonstration against grand jury in San Francisco.

Our speakers will talk about the implications of these threats, what we can do to fight them, and give examples of how people are already organizing against them. Also updates on SF Grand Jury actions and news from Lodi California.

See story, pics and video of recent SF demonstration for immigrant rights.

Read more about the Patriot Act, and provisions due to expire this year.