Gray Panthers of San Francisco
March 2007 Newsletter

Gray Panthers Environmental Committee: SF Focus


Our newest committee met on February 14 to brainstorm actions Panthers might take on the environmental front. We in SF have an advantage in that we have supervisors sympathetic to the cause of planetary survival, and even on the national level, we might develop some influence, but for the moment we plan to look at the City. We also have the advantage that our newsletter goes to some of the local movers and shakers and hopefully they read it.

Some suggestions for a SF program: free transportation, support City owned power, research wave/ocean power, support a huge tree planting program to suck up greenhouse gases, etc.

We will dedicate part of the GP library space to environmental books. At present we have Endgame by Derek Jensen and Field Notes from a Catastrophe by Elizabeth Kolbert. These are the books that triggered the formation of this committee and well worth reading. Join us and bring ideas.

Read "Climate Repair Technology Toolbox" on "Wedges," an approach to come to terms with what must be done to avoid climate catastrophe.

Download 20-page Blueprint for Solving Global Warming by Greenpeace

Derek Jensen's Endgame website

NY Times review of Field Notes from a Catastrophe


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