Gray Panthers of San Francisco
April 2007 Newsletter     

SF Gray Panthers General Membership Meeting
Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Unitarian Universalist Center
1187 Franklin at Geary map

This Month's Articles:

Money for People, Not for War

International Women's Day: Out from "Behind Closed Doors"

Women and Children as Casualties of War & "Friendly Fire"

Take Back the Future: Money for Health, Housing, and Education

March Against 4 Years of War and Occupation

Lynne Stewart Brunch

Middle East Study Group

Biodegradables: Not in the Bag Yet

We are:

We advocate and endorse
positions and actions for peace and
social justice: universal health care,
electoral reform, non-privatization of
public resources, civil rights, human rights,
and civil liberties.

We organize to save Social Security;
support a universal single payer
health care system that covers everyone equally;
defend the Bill of Rights; Repeal the Patriot Act;
and eliminate environmental racism